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Ok so i started up photoshop today, i tried using my gradient tool but something happend. I selected the colors and it would only make the gradient in black and white for some used to work fine. I must have changed a setting or something. Does anyone know what i did wrong??

I am so mad at photopshop now:(
If you could help that would be fantastic :D
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Weeeee photoshop cs3 extended is awesome.:clap:  Now ill be working on more digital 3d types of art. :D
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Im going to try some new kinds or art. More of the abstract kind, Im pretty new at it though, awww. Im a noob
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Does anyone know what an NSIS error is?? I have that problem on my computer. Its not really causing problems but the message keeps popping up and its so freaking annoying @_@.  So if you know let me know how to fix it.
Much thanks!
Please excuse me everyone, I have been extremely busy the last couple of months and havent really had time to create art or anything on here. But Im sure the time will come soon enough when I can attend to deviant art more frequently on a regular basis. Over&Out

Today I scratched a small portion of one of my rims, i know a small portion but its a big deal... :(